Pinan Shodan moves 1-3 application one

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In most grappling based martial arts this would probably be called a variation of a figure four arm lock.


Pinan Shodan 1 -> Pinan Shodan 2 -> Pinan Shodan 3


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your right hand, wrist or forearm with his left hand.
  2. Step round to your right, (the left of the opponent) while dropping your weight back.
  3. Raise your gripped right arm above your head, raise your left arm behind your opponent's upper arm, his should be bent at 90° at this point.
  4. You have now caught your opponent's right arm using your left. By pushing down with your right you are using your left forearm as a fulcrum and levering his arm and shoulder backwards causing him to lean over backwards.
  5. Pulling your left arm up towards your ear allows you to grab his left elbow with your left hand.
  6. Pull the opponent's elbow up and over with your left hand and pull his wrist down towards your hip with your right.
  7. This movement dislocates the opponent's left shoulder.