Naihanchi Shodan moves 1-4 application one

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Simple elbow strike to the head..


Naihanchi Shodan 1 -> Naihanchi Shodan 2 -> Naihanchi Shodan 3 -> Naihanchi Shodan 4


  1. The opponent begins in front of you holding your right forearm or wrist with his left hand.
  2. The head and embusen turn to the right indicates turning your body anti clockwise until you are facing in a similar direction to the opponent on his left hand side. This is somewhat confusing aspect of the Naihanchi embusen.
  3. As you step across you are now stepping behind the opponent. Some styles simply use the kiba-dachi stance to break his balance on his left leg, some explicitly stamp on the leg.
    1. Without this balance breaking, the pull of your left hand will not pull him down far enough.
  4. Simultaneously, using your left hand, pull his left hand from your right and pull it to your hip.
  5. Also simultaneously, bring your right, now released arm up over the opponent's left and place your hand behind his head.
    1. Note that many/most styles add a strike to the neck area at this point because your arm is travelling in that direction unopposed anyway. With the positioning of the opponent, the strike is with the forearm, not the hand.
  6. Strike with the left elbow to the opponent's head with mawashi-empi-uchi, pulling his head into contact using your right hand.
  7. The result should be unconsciousness or similar.