Pinan Yondan moves 5-6 application one

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The X block (juji-uke) isn't really an X. It's a case of where you are touching yourself your are really touching the opponent. Simple elbow break.


Pinan Yondan 5 -> Pinan yondan 6


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your left hand, wrist or forearm with his right hand.
  2. Bringing your left arm over to the right hip orients the opponent's arm.
  3. Push down with the left arm first, then grip the clothing of the opponent at his elbow using your right hand and push down into the X block. Your forearm will be on top of his.
  4. It bends the opponent's elbow and lets you rotate your gripped hand such that you can grab his wrist.
  5. Then simply execute the morote-uke with force.
  6. Pull his bent arm straight again, using the morote-uke to straighten his elbow with added force from body rotation.
  7. This movement will break the elbow joint.