Pinan Yondan moves 3-4 application one

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Mirror image of the previous sequence even with the juji-uke. This technique has a superficial similarity to the opening of Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan. Largely for the same reason, you are using two arms to apply leverage to one of the opponent's arms. In Pinan Shodan you are bending it, and in Pinan Yondan you are keeping it straight.

Simple elbow break.


Pinan Yondan 3 -> Pinan yondan 4


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your left hand, wrist or forearm with his right hand.
  2. Step round to your left, (the right of the opponent) while dropping your weight back.
  3. Place your right arm underneath the elbow of the opponent, try to position the forearm at the elbow.
  4. Now push up with the right arm, driving at the elbow. Use left right, (gripped) arm to make sure the opponent's arm stays straight in a rising arm bar.
  5. This pushing up to vertical will cause the opponent to move slightly behind you.
  6. Switch directions 90° anti-clockwise to face the front.
  7. The juji-uke (X block) isn't specifically part of the movement, it's just part of the downward sweep of the arms.
  8. The act of dropping your hands downwards causes the opponent's elbow to impact your right shoulder or upper arm at speed, your right hand should also be pushing down on his arm to aid the impact.
  9. Result, opponent has a broken right elbow.