Pinan Yondan moves 25-29 application one

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Another elbow break, using your knee this time. The three uchi-ude-uke or morote-uke techniques are simply "winding up" the opponent's arm and positioning him to allow you to break the elbow braced across your knee.


Pinan Yondan 25 -> Pinan yondan 26 -> Pinan yondan 27 -> Pinan yondan 28 -> Pinan yondan 29


  1. Sequence begins with the opponent facing you holding your right hand, wrist or forearm with his left.
  2. The first uchi-ude-uke or morote-uke crosses left to right and grasps the opponent's left elbow. The move back across turns the opponent clockwise about 90° and causes him to bend.
  3. The second uchi-ude-uke or morote-uke rotates the wrist up the opponent's back in a hammer lock.
  4. The third just raises his arm in the lock to force him over horizontal.
  5. The final movement of the sequence is simply to brace the opponent's elbow against your knee and pull down hard.
  6. Result broken elbow.