Pinan Yondan moves 21-24 application one

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Mirror image of the previous drill. A simpler elbow attack than the front on sequence, which must be at 45° to function. The Heian version looks quite different but in reality the application is the same. It's functionally similar to the uchi-uke application in Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan but attacks the elbow rather than shoulder.


Pinan Yondan 21 -> Pinan yondan 22 -> Pinan yondan 23 -> Pinan yondan 24


  1. Sequence begins with the opponent facing you holding your left hand, wrist or forearm with his right.
  2. Move round to your left, the right of the opponent, about 45° as the kata indicates the angle required.
  3. The uchi-ude-uke grabs and bends the opponent's right elbow then and drags it across to your right. This causes the opponent to rotate anti-clockwise and face away from you.
  4. The "double block" in the Heian version of the kata simply raises the opponent's elbow and wrist, causing him to fold over.
  5. The kick mae-geri is low, to the back of the knee and the step down forces the knee to the ground.
  6. Because the opponent is lowered, he will have to bend over because of the arm position.
  7. The first "punch" oi-tsuki pushes the arm up the back with the hikite forcing him over further. So far this is almost identical to the Pinan shodan application.
  8. The second "punch" gyaku-tsuki in conjunction with the hikite does the opposite, it straightens the arm violently and breaks the elbow.