Pinan Yondan moves 13-17 application one

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This is reminiscent of the opening movements to Pinan Shodan, though attacking the elbow rather than the shoulder. It's an elbow break, but not a simple one.


Pinan Yondan 13 -> Pinan yondan 14 -> Pinan yondan 15 -> Pinan yondan 16 -> Pinan yondan 17


  1. Sequence begins with the opponent facing you holding your right hand, wrist or forearm with his left.
  2. There are a couple of differences between the Pinan and Heian variants. The application is the same for both, the Heian variant is a little more explicit on the movements and also more confusing due to the larger movements.
  3. In the Heian version there is an explicit gedan shuto-barai with the left arm crossing right to left and the right hand rises in opposition to this. In the Pinan variants this movement is far smaller and is closer to reality. It's a right to left scooping motion which bends the opponent's left elbow and causes him to rotate 180° clockwise. He is left facing away from you with his back to you, left arm locked back over his shoulder between your arm and body.
  4. Note that as he still has your right wrist, you will have to extend your right arm out horizontally to allow the rotation, or indeed to aid it. This is usually called teisho-uke or nagashi-uke, in the Heian variant it's interpreted as a strike.
  5. The kick is to the back of the knee and will cause it to collapse.
  6. You have to follow the opponent down at this point, which is why kosa-dachi is used.
  7. As you kick, you bring your right arm down and round, gripping the wrist as you do so.
  8. Your left hand grips the elbow.
  9. Then you pull up to the right with your right hand (uchi-uke in some styles, others otoshi-uraken-uchi strike) and down to your hip with the left, pulling the elbow down.
  10. The mechanical effect is similar to the opening of pinan shodan and it causes severe damage to the elbow joint.
  11. The turn 225° anti-clockwise frees your arm of the opponent and leaves him lying on the ground.