Pinan Shodan moves 7-9 application one

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This is an interesting sequence, the Pinans and Heians differ slightly by karate style. Pinan Shodan simply shows an uchi-uke to the rear while the Heian Nidan version of the kata explicitly shows Koshi Kamae or "cup and saucer" posture with one hand on top of the other. This very often represents an arm bar position and uses an uraken (back fist strike) instead to represent the same movement as the uchi-ude-uke. The application is the same (basically) for both.


Pinan Shodan 7 -> Pinan Shodan 8 -> Pinan Shodan 9


  1. Heian Nidan and Pinan Shodan. In both cases the opponent is holding your right lower arm with his left and in both cases in the kata turning towards the rear indicates the angle you will take relative to the opponent. i.e. You will be behind him.
  2. In both katas the right arm comes across your body towards the left hip. This in both cases causes the opponent to rotate clockwise away from you and present his back as his arm is forced to rotate anti-clockwise (from your perspective). In the Heian kata, he is explicitly put into an arm bar with your right elbow on top of his left elbow.
  3. In both katas the left hand at the left hip, strips the opponent's grip. Control of his left arm is retained in your left hand.
  4. The movement in both katas accomplishes the same thing whether it is represented as a block or a strike. You are grabbing the back of the opponent's neck; his collar, his hair, his jacket near neck etc. Since your hand is moving into the vicinity anyway, it's common to "add" a strike to the neck or head.
  5. The kick in both cases obviously kicks out the back of the opponent's knee, against his closest leg causing it to fold under him.
  6. You still have hold of the opponent's left wrist in your left hand, and his collar in your right.
  7. Turn away from him to the front and pull him over backwards, opening your grip. He ends up lying at your feet on his back. If you retained your grip on his left wrist for long enough as he falls he will also have a dislocated shoulder.