Pinan Shodan moves 28-30 application one

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This is a mirror image of the previous section and runs to the end of the kata.


Pinan Shodan 28 -> Pinan Shodan 29 -> Pinan Shodan 30


  1. Opponent holds your left forearm with his right hand.
  2. Pull hikite with your left arm towards your left hip.
  3. Move round to the right of the opponent and strike down at his right elbow with the gedan barai, this will cause it to bend and fold.
  4. This also causes the opponent to bend over to the right.
  5. Stepping forward in zenkutsu-dachi places your leg to your left side of the opponent.
  6. The right hand movement of the age-uke frees your right arm of the grip of the opponent and pulls hikite towards your right hip.
  7. The rising movement of the left arm in the age-uke strikes the opponent round the neck area, aiming approximately at the carotid artery.
  8. After hitting him, grip the opponent's hair or collar with the left hand.
  9. Rotate backwards and to the left pulling the opponent over approximately backwards.
  10. He should end up on his back at your feet.
  11. end of kata