Pinan Shodan moves 24-26 application one

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Morote-uke - "reinforced" technique for dealing with a strong grip.


Pinan Shodan 24 -> Pinan Shodan 25 -> Pinan Shodan 26


  1. Opponent is holding your left forearm or wrist in a strong grip with his right hand.
  2. The cross stroke from right to left of your right arm grabs the opponent's elbow.
  3. Rather than pulling, the left hand is placed adjacent to your right elbow with the opponent still gripping your wrist. This bends his elbow to 90° and provides leverage.
  4. Lunge forward with your right leg forward and bring both arms together across from left up to right. This causes the opponent to rotate anti-clockwise and bend over. Still gripping your wrist.
  5. The rotation (along with the following gedan-barai) will pull your left wrist out the opponent's grip.
  6. The rotation of the body frees your left hand from the opponent's grip. You still have your opponent's elbow in your grip.
  7. The upsweep of the left hand gedan-barai grabs the opponent's hair or collar.
  8. The downsweep of the gedan-barai and rotation pulls the opponent over backwards.
  9. The opponent is left at your feet, right elbow in your right hand and head or collar in your left.