Pinan Shodan moves 15-17 application one

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Shuto to the right. Mirror image of the previous sequence with the other arm. Using the shuto as the first movement of the sequence even though it was used in the end of the previous sequence. The following two sequences are just variations of drill 4. They're done at an angle to the opponent rather than face on.


Pinan Shodan 15 -> Pinan Shodan 16 -> Pinan Shodan 17


  • Opponent has hold of your left wrist with his right hand
  • The angle to the left indicates that's the angle to take to the opponent. Move round to the opponent's right side.
  • Pull down towards your chest with your left arm.
  • The down right to upper left upstroke of the shuto movement catches the opponent's arm at the elbow forcing it to bend to 90° using your upper forearm.
  • The cross stroke left to right of the "block" portion of the shuto-uke moves the opponent's elbow to the right, his hand still grips your left wrist.
  • The movement and your forward step rotates the opponent anti-clockwise and causes him to bend. Your right hand now rests on his upper arm and his right forearm is trapped in the crook of your right elbow.
  • The upstroke of the shuto-uke frees your left arm from the grip of your opponent's right arm.
  • Step forward and the cross stroke of the shuto from right to left places the left hand on the the opponent's head, shoulder, neck or face, depending on what you can get hold of.
  • This next movement in the kata is to rotate 45° to the left and pull the opponent over backwards. Remember that his right shoulder is locked in your right arm and this movement dislocates the shoulder.