Pinan Sandan moves 7-11 application one

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An interesting variation on a shoulder attack, it involves turning your back on the opponent.


Pinan Sandan 7 -> Pinan Sandan 8 -> Pinan Sandan 9 -> Pinan Sandan 10-> Pinan Sandan 11


  1. Opponent faces you with his left hand gripping your right hand, wrist, or forearm.
  2. The uchi-uke collapses the elbow and rotates the opponent clockwise so he's at approximately 90° facing to your left.
  3. The nukite with your right arm pushes underneath his left arm and round his back, replacing your left arm which is pulled back with hikite.
  4. The up and over motion of the nukite rotates up so your right hand should be resting on his shoulder. You have him in a shoulder lock.
  5. You rotate anti-clockwise to facilitate the movement of the nukite hand up. It also forces the opponent to bend over further. The opponent is now behind you.
  6. The chudan level hammer fist "strike" is actually grabbing some part of the opponent's clothing or body, round about waist height, as he's bent over. It's purpose is to give you leverage for the next movement.
  7. You now rotate 90° to the left and bring your right arm all the way round as you step forward oi-tsuki. This movement pretty convincingly damages the opponent's shoulder.