Pinan Sandan moves 1-3 application one

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One of the most common arm locks in existence, known as the hammer lock, it's used by police forces all over the world. It's the arm up the back... With a follow on wrench to make sure the fight is over.


Pinan Sandan 1 -> Pinan Sandan 2 -> Pinan Sandan 3


  1. Opponent faces you with his left hand gripping your right hand, wrist, or forearm.
  2. Move round to your right and the opponents left as you execute the uchi-ude-uke. Your forearm impacts his elbow and causes it to fold, the hikite with the right should free your hand. The movement of the uchi-uke across to the left causes him to rotate away from you clockwise.
  3. Grab his left elbow with your left hand and left wrist with your right hand.
  4. The first double block pulls the elbow down and pushes the wrist up the back. Opponent is now restrained with his arm up his back.
  5. The second double block pushes the elbow in and up and rotates the wrist from up the back out and down. If completed it will damage both the shoulder and the elbow joints severely.