Pinan Nidan moves 8-11 application one

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The age-uke application section of the kata. Rather than "blocking punches to the head" there are actually 3 different uses for the age-uke kamae.


Pinan Nidan 8 -> Pinan Nidan 9 -> Pinan Nidan 10 -> Pinan Nidan 11


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your left hand or wrist with his left hand.
  2. The first age-uke with your right arm steps in and bends his left arm vertically at the elbow and your hikite pulls your hand free from his grasp. You grab his hair or head while your arm is raised up.
  3. The step forward with hikite pulls his head downwards to meet your rising second age-uke, the target is the neck but anywhere round the head will do. When your left arm is up you again grab his head with your raised hand.
  4. The final right handed age-uke actually rises under the opponents left arm under his shoulder and wraps round his back as you step in again. The hikite is pulling his head down
  5. The final movement of the sequence is to rotate 225° anti-clockwise executing gedan-barai and pull the opponent round with your body, your right arm is under his shoulder.
  6. This is a simple hip throw. He ends up on the floor at your feet, possibly still holding his hair.