Pinan Nidan moves 19-20 application one

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Unbalancing application or throw. The closest in judo would be Obi-otoshi.


Pinan Nidan 19 -> Pinan Nidan 20


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent holding your left wrist with his own left hand.
  2. Move round to the left of the opponent.
  3. The upstroke of the barai pulls the opponents balance backwards, moves you off line.
  4. The downstroke moves his arm down out of the way and gets you behind his arm.
  5. Step and 45° behind the opponent's legs with your own right leg.
  6. The upstroke of the following barai allows the right arm to go over the front of the opponent's torso
  7. The downstroke of the barai pushes him backwards over your front right leg.