Pinan Nidan moves 15-19 application one

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The application for these movements is a simple one that should be recognisable to most people. The kata implementation of the method is, I'd have to say, klunky. I don't even know if this has a name, it's too simple for judo. Tai-Otoshi is probably closest. Bouncer's throw?


Pinan Nidan 15 -> Pinan Nidan 16 -> Pinan Nidan 17 -> Pinan Nidan 18 -> Pinan Nidan 19


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your left hand or wrist with his left hand.
  2. Yank your arm down to the left to unbalance him and move you off line.
  3. Step forward and grab his head or hair with your right hand and pull down with the hikite
  4. Step forward and reach over his back with your left hand, trying to get hold of his collar, but a shoulder will do. Pull with the hikite towards your left hip.
  5. Step forward with the final 'oi-tsuki' and get hold of his belt if he has one, or just clothing round the waist sort of level.
  6. At this point he should be bent over, you should have his collar or there abouts in your left hand and his belt or there abouts in your right.
  7. Rotate 225° anti-clockwise while dropping into shiko-dachi and "toss" the opponent to the floor, he should "trip over" your back leg.