Pinan Nidan moves 1-3 application one

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In the Heian version the first movement is a gedan-barai and the mirror movement is a tettsui-uchi. In the Pinan version both movements are tettsui-uchi and are mirror images of one another. The Heian version simply pulls the opponent over further with the gedan-barai, so the following punch is at chudan level and not jodan.


Pinan Nidan 1 -> Pinan Nidan 2 -> Pinan Nidan 3


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing facing you, having a grip of your left hand, wrist or forearm with his left hand in a cross body grip.
  2. Step round to your right, (the left of the opponent) while dropping your weight back. The Heian variant uses zenkutsu-dachi so in fact thrusts the weight forwards and uses the stance to break the opponents balance.
  3. By rotating your left arm round in the tettsui or gedan-barai motion you are able to get a grip on the opponent's wrist and cause him to bend over forwards. The Heian version pulls the opponent farther down than the Pinan version.
  4. In both cases, the step forward and punch simply grabs the opponent's collar, hair or whatever is available at neck level. In the Pinan version the opponent is still relatively upright, in the Heian version the opponent has been pulled over further and so is at chudan level.
  5. Step round 180° and execute gedan-barai in zenkutsu-dachi. This movement pulls the opponent over backwards strongly using whatever you managed to get hold of.



This video example is published on Youtube by Sensei Richard Poage of the Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts and Healing Center.