Pinan Godan moves 7-12 application one

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This is really just a variation of the previous 2 sequences which were done to the left and right sides. i.e. Shoulder lock. However because it begins to the front of the opponent, there's a bit of palaver to manipulate him into a position where the lock can be applied.


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  1. Sequence begins with the opponent standing opposite with his left hand gripping your right hand, wrist or forearm.
  2. The morote-uke crosses left to right and bends the opponent's elbow, the back stroke causes the opponent to rotate away from you anti-clockwise and bend over.
  3. The gedan juji-uke places your right wrist or forearm underneath the opponent's wrist.
  4. When you raise your arms for the jodan shuto juji-uke it forces the opponent over and strips the grip from your wrist. Note that some styles don't raise their arms but perform a circular motion which has an identical effect.
  5. Left hand rotates round and traps the opponent's right hand and it gets pulled to the hip by your right hand with hikite.
  6. The left hand (gyaku-tsuki) then grips the opponent's left shoulder or their about.
  7. The step forward with oi-tsuki pushes the opponent's right arm up their back as the hikite pulls his left shoulder to your left hip.
  8. If done with power the final movement will damage the shoulder joint.