Pinan Godan moves 16-20 application one

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This is a shoulder throw, the japanese/judo name would be seoi-nage. Followed by an elbow break.

The shito-ryu version of it almost merges the movement into the previous drill.The almost customary Itosu entrance seems to be missing. The wado-ryu variant also seems to be influenced in this way, possibly this comes from Mabuni. The previous drill sequence is similarly shortened for the wado-ryu and shito-ryu variants.


Pinan Godan 16 -> Pinan Godan 17 -> Pinan Godan 18 -> Pinan Godan 19 -> Pinan Godan 20


  1. The entrance to this application is different depending on the style. Shorin-ryu and shotokan it begins with the opponent holding your left arm with his right arm.
  2. The step up with morote-uke your right arm is thrust under his shoulder; the shorin-ryu variant does a movement of the hand to indicate grasping the clothing.
  3. Wado-ryu and shotokan you punch vertically to indicate grabbing and lifting.
  4. In shotokan and wado-ryu you rotate 270° anti-clockwise while jumping, while in shito-ryu and shorin-ryu you simply make a large step into a transitional shiko-dachi. This is the throw itsef.
  5. The height of the next step depends on style. The stance is usually kosa-dachi, the shorin-ryu variant puts the left knee on the ground. The key point is the opponent is on the ground at your feet at this point, head to the left, feet to the right.
  6. You retained his right arm during the throw and the juji-uki X block places your right forearm under his elbow.
  7. The step up into zenkutsu-dachi with morote-uke breaks his elbow.