Pinan Godan moves 12-15 application one

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Note that this begins at step 12 of the kata because it indicates the starting point of this application begins with the body position of the end of the previous sequence.

An interesting technique to get behind an opponent. The Heian variant is simply showing off.


Pinan Godan 12 -> Pinan Godan 13 -> Pinan Godan 14 -> Pinan Godan 15


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent holding your right hand, wrist or forearm with their left hand.
  2. The 270° turn into shiko/kiba-dachi brings your right arm round and the gedan-barai pulls the opponent round behind you, facing away from you. You are now approximately back to back with the opponent. He will be somewhat stretched out having been yanked forwards. Your left arm does not participate at all in this bit and simply remains where it was at the end of the previous sequence.
  3. Depending on exact placement with the respective styles, the tettsui-uchi "strike" of the kata then grabs the hair or head of the opponent with the left hand.
  4. The following movement steps in (or not), rotating (or not), and delivers an elbow to the head of the opponent.
  5. There are some differences between Pinan variants.
    1. The Shito-ryu variant does not step in, but simply pulls the opponent back over the front leg of the zenkutsu-dachi and delivers the empi to the left side of his head.
    2. The Shorin-ryu variant steps round into shiko-dachi and delivers the empi to the back of the opponent's head.
    3. The Wado-ryu variant steps round into zenkutsu-dachi and delivers the empi to the side of the opponent's head.
    4. In all cases the stance is used to break the opponent's balance as well.
  6. The Heian variant (wild child of the Pinans) kicks him in the head, stamps on the back of his leg before delivering the empi to the head.