Naihanchi Shodan moves 5-9 application one

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Arm bar to chicken wing wrist lock and then a rather nasty joint damaging technique which if I attempted on a training partner, I think might well damage all 3 joints in the right arm; wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Note also that the head changes direction as the last movement, I think that's the beginning of the next sequence rather than this one.


Naihanchi Shodan 5 -> Naihanchi Shodan 6 -> Naihanchi Shodan 7 -> Naihanchi Shodan 8-> Naihanchi Shodan 9


  1. The sequence begins with the opponent standing opposite you, holding your left wrist, or forearm with his right hand.
  2. Turning the head to the left indicates you rotate clockwise and move round to the opponent's right while drawing the right arm into an arm bar, indicated by kosa-kamae.
  3. This leaves you on the right hand side of the opponent facing in the same direction as him. He is bent over due to pressure from the arm bar.
  4. The gedan-barai secures your grip on his right shoulder.
  5. Pulling hikite to your hip pulls the opponent backwards slightly and bends his arm, relieving the arm bar.
  6. The right hand kagi-tsuki (hook punch), retains the opponent's right hand and applies a rotational wrist lock to his right arm. This leaves the right arm in a "chicken wing" position.
  7. The step across into kiba-dachi causes the opponent's knee to fold, either using the knee from kiba-dachi stance, or in some styles there is an explicit foot lift to knee height and stamp which forces the knee to the ground.
  8. The simultaneous right hand "block" pulls the opponent's right arm straight as he falls. This severely damages the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.