Naihanchi Shodan moves 10-18 application one

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Similar "chicken wing" arm lock application to the previous section but operating on an opponent to the front. It goes through some manipulation to get the opponent into a position where the joint attack will function. A methodically brutal technique.

This is also an interesting section of the kata because the several head movements indicates the opponent positioning and changes of positioning, but there is no line of performance to follow with the performer stationary. In addition, it's indicating change of position within a drill sequence rather than only at the beginning. For a long while the last two movements of the sequence I considered separate, due to the head movement but never found a satisfactory application for them.


Naihanchi Shodan 10 -> Naihanchi Shodan 11 -> Naihanchi Shodan 12 -> Naihanchi Shodan 13 -> Naihanchi Shodan 14 -> Naihanchi Shodan 15 -> Naihanchi Shodan 16 -> Naihanchi Shodan 17 -> Naihanchi Shodan 18


  1. Opponent begins standing opposite you, holding your right wrist or forearm with his left hand.
  2. The left hand upper block catches his left elbow as it passes on the way up, it forces the opponent to rotate clockwise.
  3. The followup punch grabs his left shoulder (or clothing of same) and pushes him round also. the movement of the right hand simply accommodates the opponent's movement.
  4. He is now facing away from you with his left arm locked up his back in the crook of your left elbow. You have a grip of his left shoulder with your left hand. He still has a grip on your right arm.
  5. The two Nami-Gaeshi-geri "returning wave" kicks lift his left and then right foot off the ground, the rotational movement of the kata forces him down onto his knee on that side. the result is the opponent is on his knees in front of you, arm up his back,
  6. The final two movements of the sequence the head movement indicates a re-orientation with respect to the opponent, then the left hand "punch" pushes straight on the shoulder while the right pulls the opponent's arm straight. The effect is the same as the previous application; severe damage to wrist, elbow and shoulder joint.