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Application inclusion criteria[edit]

It should be your application, or if you have seen a published example produced by someone else then it is courteous to include a link to the example or embed a video such as you have seen on Youtube.

  • In general it should follow the rules of thumb such as those described by Kenwa Mabuni, and as are described in Kaisai no genri. This isn't strictly necessary but kata do seem to follow these rules of thumb.
  • It should match all of the body movements in the section of kata it covers. Unexplained movements or "dead" movements are not very good explanations of the meaning of the sequence.
  • It should be practical. This is also subjective, but ABC attacks are highly unlikely.
    • An ABC attack requires the attacker to use technique A, then technique B then with technique C in sequence before it will match the kata movements. In general it seems that kata "do things" to the opponent and simply take account of the opponent's natural physical reactions; this might be a flinch, or doubling over after a punch, they don't generally require active interaction with the opponent.

Other material[edit]

Where there is material referenced, quoted or included (as fair use) from other sources, then a reference should be added to allow readers to check the primary source. This means the use of inline citations with <ref> </ref> and <references /> tags.

Author, title, year of publishing, publisher and ISBN should be included where available.
Web site
Link to the page, and page title should be included. A date is also useful, often web sites change and links become broken.

RefNeeded macro[edit]

If you find some material which looks like it references some external sources, like quotations, books etc but which doesn't include a reference to the original source then please add a {{RefNeeded}} macro to indicate it should include the sources.