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What is Katapedia[edit]

Katapedia is a wiki site where information, theories and suppositions about kata generally and especially the fighting aspects of kata can be referenced and written collaboratively.

The software it uses is the same as Wikipedia (though there is no relationship to the Wikimedia Foundation), so any page or article can be edited, or created directly in place by anyone. All the changes are recorded in the page history which means that all edits can be reversed, fixed or improved later so there should be no fear of making edits and changes where you think a page is not accurate.

The why[edit]

There are many widespread myths, rumours and misconceptions about the nature and use of kata and the applications of kata. There are equally very informative sources which are little known and overlooked and indeed sometimes very difficult to find, particularly in the west. The site was created to bring many disparate sources of information which have been written or published about kata and kata applications to a point where it can be easily referenced.

The way[edit]

The aim of the site is to produce a gradually and continuously improving resource available to anyone with an interest in kata. Thereby promoting good information and gradually dispelling myths. The primary users are likely to be but certainly not limited to karate practitioners.


Katapedia was originally hosted by mwzip.com, a specialist MediaWiki hosting company who provide both free and paid for wiki hosting services. Their service has since shut down and the wiki has been moved to shoutwiki.com instead, a company who also provide mediawiki hosting.


The advertising on Katapedia is from the hosting company, they provide the service free, and the advertising covers their costs and presumably some profit. The site doesn't receive any money from the advertising.